Completed just slightly over a decade past, that the Beaufort on Nassim condo is already starting for collective sale by tender with a reserve price of $222.68 million.

The collective sale of Beaufort on Nassim is going to be the first these en bloc sale on Nassim Road within 13 years. The previous sale was in 2006 to get Nassim Park Residences.

View The Avenir condo floor plan for more details.

This prime area 10 website offers programmers a rare opportunity to procure a choice piece of property in a region where they are difficult to come by. The Beaufort on Nassim website is zoned for residential use and steps 45,344 sq feet or 4,212.6 sq m using a gross plot ratio of 1.4. It currently houses 30 units such as 2- and – 3-bedroom flats and penthouses with dimensions that range from 115 sq m to 343 sq m.

The Beaufort on Nassim website may potentially be redeveloped to a luxury condo of around 4 storeys having a gross floor area of 5,890.82 sq m.

The website near orchard shopping belt along with apparent opinions

Analysts are positive that property worth here will rise because there’s been increased activity at the luxury home section with overseas buyers picking units up .

There also have been numerous Great Class Bungalows (GCB) trades at benchmark costs from the district.

The website also has up a 65m wide frontage with clear opinions. There are a number of embassies in the Region, in Addition to GCBs and condos like Sage and The Nassim.