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In an attempt to encourage stakeholders in the built environment sector, the authorities will devote a considerable amount of more than $1 billion to updating public and private estates within the upcoming few decades, documented Today Online.

“In the present financial climate, our confidence is that we’ll continue to get a fantastic pipeline of public sector projects that, ideally, will offer support for our major sector partners, be they contractors or consultants,” stated National Development Minister Lawrence Wong.

Speaking in the Ministry of National Development’s (MND) yearly get-together occasion with business professionals in addition to volunteers and agents from partnering non-governmental organisations and interest groups, Wong shared strategies to consult inhabitants more intensively by between them throughout the design and preparation stages rather than their last phases only as practiced now.

Normally, the city council or the government service functions with a consultant to organize the updating project.

The comments would normally result in a”minor fine-tuning” prior to the updating project is implemented.

“The course of action isn’t bad, but it could be made better,” mentioned Wong, who also functions as the Second Finance Minister.

“we would like to involve citizens in the first phases of the job… This may require more time and effort, but I believe it’ll be rewarding. Residents will get a stronger stake in their property, and they’ll get a better feeling of ownership over their common spaces”

The remaining 175,000 flats will be scheduled”progressively” to get HIP, based upon the funding allocated by the Ministry of Finance, which will subsequently be affected by the market’s performance.

Wong is optimistic that the practice will be finished by the authorities”within another 10 or even more years”.